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Welcome To My World

Denise’s World of Color… Exposed!

As a child, many of us have heard the preverbal “No No” from a parent when it came to drawing on walls. And as a little girl, Denise was no different. Her interest in art began, in secret, on the walls of her bedroom closet. With the water color set she received from Santa one Christmas, Denise would create her imaginary worlds. After all, she justified to herself, “it is washable, right?”

It wasn’t long before Mom would discover what her young budding artist was up to during those quiet times of self amusement. When confronted about her secret goings-on, Denise prepared herself for a scolding. But to her delight, she received praise and encouragement. So much so, that Mom gave her the go-ahead to paint the walls in the rest of her room. An assignment Denise was all too ready to accomplish!

And so… an impassioned career began!

From that inspirational day forward, imagination became her fluid canvas for artistic expression. As an adult and professional artist; Denise continues to refine her mastery. She has also come to understand those traits that can stifle a client’s direction when it comes to embellishing their home or place of business with faux finishes and artistic décor.

During her free consultations, Denise, with her straight-forward and uncomplicated demeanor, brings the ability to decipher, share and arrive at a personalized concept that is the perfect artistic creation, and a true reflection of the client’s personality and environment.

Since those very early days spent in her bedroom closet, Denise has blossomed into a true artisan. Her specialties are as diversified as her creations and include: Color Consulting, Faux Finishes, Custom Murals, Accent Walls, and Stencil Work; Custom Acrylic on Canvas and Water Color Paintings, and Decorative Pottery.

Regardless the project size, you will find Denise to be professional, responsive, and dependable. Rest assured that the end result will come in on budget and on time.

Although Denise currently resides in Colorado, she has and continues to travel for discerning creative assignments. Locally, you are invited to contact her to arrange for an in-depth, Free Consultation in the convenience of your home, office or place of business.

And remember, you’re just a phone call away from a “Color Your World” artistic creation!